The Inspire Health Store is a family-owned small business run by a husband and wife team of doctors.

About the Inspire Health Store

The Inspire Health Store opened in May of 2022 by the husband and wife team of doctors Daniel Lopez and Sarah Curtis. Our private practice, Inspire Osteopathy Denver, focuses on improving health inside and out. Dr. Lopez and Dr. Curtis wanted a store where they could put high-quality products for their patients and the greater public. Many of them are products we have used or are using. These are the same products we recommend for their patients when appropriate. Go ahead and browse our store confidently knowing that you're looking at some of the best products available. Our goal is to have you be a customer of our store for life. 

What Makes Our Store Unique?

We have hand-selected products that are not commonly available in other shops because they are "medical-grade." That means they are only available through doctor's offices. Medical-grade products have to meet higher standards than your average products. We also tested them out. We like products that promote a healthy body. We understand even having healthy skin and hair can affect overall health. We look at their: 



-Local side-effects

-Systemic side-effects

We prefer products that are high-quality, natural, and free of chemicals, and don't have systemic side effects. 

Why Order From the Inspire Health Store?

We are a small, family-owned store that has put a lot of care into the products we have in our shop. Besides having access to such great, unique products, we offer free shipping. Orders are processed and shipped quickly. If there's anything wrong with your product, let us know to see if it can get replaced, or will refund you if needed. We want you to have a great experience with our store and your products so you can keep coming back again and again.

Go ahead and browse our products knowing you are in good hands.

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